General Assistance is a taxpayer-funded program that provides help to disadvantaged individuals for such things as food, utilities, rent, medical, fuel, etc. Marengo Township provides General Assistance to township residents who qualify for such help. Applicant eligibility is measured and determined by using strict qualification criteria as set forth under the universal rules and guidelines of the Illinois Department of Public Aide.

There are essentially two types of Marengo Township sponsored assistance: General Assistance and Emergency Assistance. Each of these are described in the boxes to the right.

How is General and Emergency Assistance Provided and How long Does it Take to Determine Eligibility?

In all cases, General and Emergency Assistance are provided in the form of either direct two-party check to vendors, by voucher, or direct billing back to the Township. In no event is cash, or single party checks ever provided! It takes up to 30 calendar days from the time of application to determine eligibility.

Where do I go if I have questions about applying for Township Sponsored General Assistance?

Applications are available at the Marengo Township Office at 4010 N. State St. (Rt. 23), and by scheduling a personal confidential interview appointment with the Township Supervisor. Contact the township office.

Welfare Fraud Warning!

Marengo Township endeavors to fulfill its’ statutory obligation by applying both General and Emergency Assistance fairly and equitably among eligible township residents. To that extent, the Township Supervisor is authorized to investigate and thoroughly research individual applicants to verify their specific needs consistent with eligibility criteria. In several rare past instances, some unscrupulous individuals have attempted to circumvent this system by either intentionally falsifying, fabricating, misleading, plagiarizing, or in some other way corrupting the information necessary in determining ones eligibility with the express intent to commit fraud. Anyone suspected, investigated, and found guilty of such intentional criminal wrongdoing shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

General Assistance (G.A.) is considered for “long-term” (generally for greater than one month) assistance in meeting basic living needs for those needing help while residing in Marengo Township. That may include, but is not necessarily limited to, food, utilities, fuel, rent, medical, etc. Specific and stringent qualification and retention criteria must be met in order to become (and remain) eligible.

Emergency Assistance (E.A.) is considered for “short-term” (generally for less than one month) assistance in meeting basic living needs for those requiring immediate emergency help while residing in Marengo Township. It essentially includes all the same types of help as defined for General Assistance except that the grant is only available once per calendar year, and there must be an impending emergency. By definition, the qualifying need for Emergency Assistance is determined by the applicant’s ability to prove that a situation exists that could otherwise compromise ones immediate safety, security, health, or well-being. Specific proof that such a condition exists may include (but is not limited to): a gas or electric utility shut-off notice, an eviction notice, medical emergency, or food. Generally, overdue bills, car payments, mortgage payments, rental down payments, phone bills, etc. are not eligible for Emergency Assistance unless a compelling reason can be demonstrated and justified that and an actual emergency situation exists.